About Sri Lanka

The Isle of Serendipity, followed by many other nicknames, is an island country located outwards the southern coast of India encircled by the Indian Ocean.
Lying closer to the equator, this vibrant land of comfort is proven to be a Paradise as it is in between the tropics. Therefore, the country dwells with a tropical climate benefitting with a picturesque beauty and lush green vegetation. Aiding to arable farming the country is blessed with four main plantations being; Tea, rubber, coconut and rice. Tea and coconut are the major enrollments on behalf of the country with the international market. With a collection of cultures, religions, nationalities and languages the land reputes its riches and artistries. Sri Lanka prospers from an abundant of tourist attractions faming it as a tourist paradise, which concluded after many invasions throughout the history till 1948.

Along with a clan of men, Vijaya was the very first noted person to have set foot into the country by which as a result the monarchy system was introduced to the country. Through customs and traditions Buddhism was introduced to the country there upon.

Then and on with ups and downs, the country has had quite a number of ruling parties through which many archeological sites were built and stands up to date.

Parakrama Samudra, Ruwanweli Maha Saya, Sigiriya are only a minor amount of the masterpieces created by man. The significance of these cultural artifacts is the reason behind all of these monuments which is none other than to benefit the citizens.

Among the many Cultural attractions owned, the land acquires an abundance of natural gifts proclaiming its defining identity. Possessing palm fringed white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, dazzling waterfalls, deciduous like savannah lands with abundance of endemic species and obsolete magnificently built ancient monuments Sri Lanka exhibits its sovereignty while boasting the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, two Natural World Heritage Sites and six Cultural World Heritage Sites.